ergomove2ERGOMOVE is a manually controlled, hydraulically operated vertical lifting unit, manoeuvred by means of a single-hand control on the tool attachment.

Lifting speed is stepplessly variable from 0 to maximum by meansof the spring-loaded control handle. Usually the Ergomove is fitted to a lightweight traverse trolley and beam system, post or wallmounted split jib crane or cantilever type trolley crane. Lateral movements are affected manually or motor powered depending upon installation.

Fields of application

Loading of machine tools, assembly work, handling of long components, large sized boards and panels, doors, windows, metal sheets, coils and many more items.

Extensive tool program

The Ergomove can be used in practically all load handling applications by utilizing various lifting tools i.e. lifting hooks, lifting tongs, magnetic and suction tools and other gripping devices. In a number of of cases special dedicated tools are tailored to a customer´s needs.
Our modular Ergogrip system of gripping devices offers a flexible and economical alternative. The Ergogrip is connected to the hydraulic system of the Ergomove and and requires no additional hydraulic power supply.