Ergoflex MB Industrial Manipulator

Ergoflex MB – Industrial Manipulator

Designed for off-center loads

Ergoflex MB Hydraulic Industrial Manipulators

Ergoflex MB hydraulic industrial manipulators are available with a vertically and horizontally articulated arm system. The MB model also has three vertical rotation axes instead of two, can accommodate lower ceiling heights and can handle much larger off-center loads.

The Ergoflex hydraulic industrial manipulator is now also available with a vertically and horizontally articulated arm system. The Type MB model has three vertical rotation axes instead of two (as Model MA has). Its operation, control, and tool attachment for lifting tools is in general the same as for Type MA.

The features with Model MB are that it can be built for very low ceiling heights. Also, the outer arm of the machine can be designed according to special needs. Therefore it is easier and less expensive to make a special manipulator of Model MB than Model MA. Another feature with Model MB is that it can be built for much larger off-center loads than Model MA. The “reach in/under” capability can also be very large for this model.

Our standard sizes of Model MB are shown in the technical specifications. However, we also make much bigger machines for loads up to 500 kg.

All models of the Ergoflex MB industrial manipulator can be mounted on a stationary floor pillar or electrically powered moving overhead trolley.

Technical Data


TypeMax load lbsRrZ
MBsPEC.Max 1500Max 180Min 0Max 115

Dimensions in inches. Refers to necessary space. Lifting capacity up to 1000 kg to be quoted on request.

Off-Center Loads

safetyDue to its robust design, the Ergoflex can withstand high off-center loads. The load can thus be held and transported at a large distance (a) from the tool attachment (see the adjacent figure).

This ability of the Ergoflex to reach into and under objects makes it effective and useful for many tasks that ordinary lifting equipment cannot tackle, such as the handling of work pieces at presses, drilling machines, milling machines, furnaces, cabinets, conveyor systems, etc. One man using the Ergoflex can thus handle and balance large loads. such as doors, wall elements, panels, long shafts, pipes etc., which earlier requires at least two men. And he can do it more quickly, conveniently and safely.